Ateliers linguistiques 

English and Spanish workshops

Wednesday and Holiday clubs

Learning languages in a playful way there by respecting the rhythm of each child which is possible in our beginner workshops. Children discover the first phonemes of a foreign language allowing them to formulate the first words and sentences in English and Spanish.

Two daily workshops are available to awakeni and initiate your child around songs, nursery rhymes, games, creative hobbies, gardening, dance, and theatre with the sole objective of contributing to the learning of a foreign language, the  emotional  and social development of your child in order to stimulate curiosity, encourage self-confidence and creativity.


Workshops on foreign languages through rich, fun and varied activities within a well-defined pedagogical framework in French, English and Spanish. 

Topics covered: 
- Nature
- Songs and rhymes
- English and Spanish culture
- Vocabulary and syntax

Tarifs des ateliers


We welcome all students, whether enrolled in our school, or external students.

Reservations must be made at least one week before the desired date. Please note that places are limited. Only complete applications will be accepted. 

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The Cambridge department of our school is able to help our students prepare for the Pre A1 to C2 levels.
We would also like to offer this program to people outside our school who are interested in obtaining a Cambridge certificate.
If you would like to register and find out about our fees, please do not hesitate to contact us by email.